Volunteer Treasurer for Sunrise Community Link Resource Centre

Description of Charity/Foundation:
Sunrise Community Link is a community development agency and resource centre engaged in poverty reduction and community capacity building in east Calgary. Our mission is to collaborate with individuals and families in East Calgary to address vulnerabilities and facilitate personal development through resources and support while engaging them in contributing to the resilience of their communities.

Located in the heart of east Calgary, Sunrise works within 18 diverse communities to provide basic needs support and financial empowerment opportunities to more than 3,500 people each year. By providing sensitive, respectful, and consistent services, Sunrise has established a safe, accessible, and trusted centre that truly belongs to the community.

Although rich in its diversity, the area we serve includes some of the most economically challenged neighborhoods in Calgary. Many of our clients confront the realities of poverty on a daily basis, from being unable to make their rent payment, to something as basic as struggling to put food on the table for their families. Sunrise works with individuals and families to provide assistance with basic needs, referrals, and facilitate appointments for more in-depth problem-solving and systems navigation. We also provide community members the opportunity to participate in a number of different financial empowerment opportunities including: Sunrise Savings, Tax Clinics, Financial Literacy and Financial Coaching.

Description of Role:
We are currently looking for a volunteer Treasurer to serve on our Board of Directors, a responsibility that would take between 4-6 hours per month, for a minimum two-year commitment. Responsibilities would include attending and participating in monthly Board meetings, developing the annual operating budget in consultation with the Executive Director, reviewing and presenting quarterly financial statements to the Board, assisting with the annual audit of financial statements along with the Executive Director and the external audit firm, and acting as a signing authority for the organization.

Certification or Education Required:
Bookkeeping or Accounting certification would be considered an asset

Applicable Interests:
Financial literacy, poverty reduction, making a difference in the community.

2 Years or More

Charity/Foundation Website: https://www.sunriselink.org/
Shauna Parks
Email: shaunap@sunriselink.org


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