Call For Community Ambassadors in Edmonton- Join the Team!

Description of Charity/Foundation:
The Community Ambassadors aim to help non-profit organizations, ranging from small to large and complex, by helping them connect with the skills-based volunteers they need.  These sectors include poverty reduction, health, and support for children, addictions recovery, the arts, animals, and the environment.

Over the past five year the Community Ambassadors has grown into something amazing. Our initial goal was to connect Chartered Professional Accounts with non-profit groups in Calgary, and we expanded to Edmonton in 2016. We have helped numerous charities find qualified volunteers, and we are very proud of this accomplishment.  In the pursuit of continuing our success, we want to ensure the group has energetic leadership to benefit our communities.

Description of Role(s):
The Community Ambassadors are currently looking for enthusiastic and engaged volunteers to fill the following Board positions:


  • Community Relations Liaison (will develop and maintain relationships with NPO’s within the Edmonton area)
  • Event Planner (will execute our annual networking event in Edmonton)
  • Member at Large (assist the committee with various event planning and community outreach initiatives)

Certification or Education Required:
CPA (must be in good standing)

Applicable Interests:
Candidates will have a passion for community service, as well as the CPA profession.

Duration & Time Commitment:
1 Year Commitment (minimum)

The Board will meet at least quarterly outside of business hours, and may meet more frequently (monthly) as we are approaching our annual networking events in Calgary and Edmonton.
We’re a fun bunch, and our meetings are pretty informal gatherings over drinks and snacks.
Board members are expected to attend all Board meetings and events in their respective city. In addition, members are expected to assist with online promotion of volunteer postings and events. This would include sharing postings and upcoming events via LinkedIn or Facebook.

Charity/Foundation Website:

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