Volunteer Accountant for Buds in Bloom| Bourgeons en Éclat

Description of Charity/Foundation:
Together, bringing relief, hope and empowerment to children and families living with special needs today. The mission of BUDS IN BLOOM is to create a world where children with special needs and their family have rapid access to specialized services in health, education or recreation. Giving every family the best start today©.
We are proud to offer children rapid access to specialized services through our network partners and community resources including providers of health care, special education, family and parent support groups, financial solutions, family/ children recreational activities, or parent education workshops. Our Clinical Coordinator provides professional, prompt and personalized guidance to parents of a child who has special needs by recommending and connecting them to appropriate community resources, while their child waits for government funded specialized services. Consult the Appendix for a “true story” depicting one example of an outcome thanks to our services, and “the problem to solve” for a few statistical findings. BUDS IN BLOOM is a bit like a condensed version of having one-stop answers and a captain to help each family navigate special service systems as they embark on their initial search for help. One of our core internal values is to over-deliver on our promises. This is where you come in!

Description of Role:
BUDS IN BLOOM is new to Alberta! Founded in Montreal in 2011, BUDS IN BLOOM, non-profit children organization, has a brand in Quebec, with over 300 families helped to date. We know that anywhere from 5% to 15% of all children who enter regular kindergarten have a developmental delay or disability. Therefore, our top priority is to achieve Charity status to expand our ability to help. To accomplish this objective, in collaboration with you and committee members, BUDS IN BLOOM is looking to apply to the CRA, as well as revise, as needed, our financial plan and budget forecasting to ensure a winning application, and sustainable, healthy organization.
In collaboration with your expertise and involvement, we will adjust the application as advised, and together apply for Charity status. The expected impact is a massive market expansion. Your gift of talent and time will contribute to bringing a novel service to children and their family living in Alberta. By helping our organization achieve charitable status, more children and families will benefit. In other words, you will help decrease family stress, hopelessness and wait times, while increasing family empowerment.

Interest in being a Director of the Board (optional) – suggested minimum mandate is 3 years.

Certification or Education Required:
Proven results in governance and Charity status achievement a requirement.

Applicable Interests:
Passion to make a difference for the community, particularly to children at risk for or who have a disability and their family.

1 Year or Less

Charity/Foundation Website: http://budsinbloom.org/
Dr. Michèle Hébert
Email: info@BudsinBloom.org


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